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Financial reports
As a representative of the applicant I confirm that the information provided about the applicant is correct and can be verified through documentary evidence. I authorise the recipient of the application to request and receive additional information from third parties for the purpose of conducting the analysis of creditworthiness. I grant the right to the recipient of the application to provide applicant`s details and my personal details to:
- insurance companies or insurance brokers to insure collateral and / or leasing objects;
- the seller of collateral and / or leasing object to perform actions resulting in conclusion of guarantee or sales agreements;
- to the foundation KredEx or Rural Development Foundation to apply for a guarantee or a credit resource.
I grant the right to process my personal data to the companies of Coop Pank AS consolidation group for the purpose of performing the actions related to provision of financial services to the applicant, entry into the loan agreement, collateral agreement, insurance agreement and property (object of leasing, collateral) sales agreement. I confirm that I am aware of my rights deriving from the Personal Data Protection Act, including the right to request the termination of processing my personal data, as well as rectification, closure and deletion of personal data, and at any time to obtain information about the personal data and the purpose for which they are used.